In this collection, my love for landscapes and seascapes comes into play. I get inspired by observations on location, combined with personal and natural intuition. I portray the diverse facets of nature, sometimes very tranquil, yet magnificent spectacles at other times.

Seagulls by the Sea (80x60x3)
Colours of Sea and Beach (40x40)


A Peaceful Landscape (40x120)
A Natural Element of the Sea (42x43)


Magical Sea View (80x160)
All of the Sea (80x80)


colors of dune grass
Colors of Dune Grass (2-70X70)
Sunny Beach (90X70)


Colourful Sea View (40x80)
Sea and Dunes (40x120)
Beautiful Sky by the Sea (90x90)
Sun is Setting (40x120)


Coast in all Colour Facets (150x100)
Sunny Beach (90x120)


Staring Moonscape (100X150)
Staring Moonscape (100X150)
On The Beach (80X60)
Shades Of the Sky (100X100)
Violent Wind Blows (105X105)
Nature By The Sea (80X80)


Push For Limits (Ø80)

Relaxing Walk by the Sea (3X70/100)

Wonderful Sea (4x40x40)

1D:€980 – 2D:€1920 – 3D:€2840 – 4D:€3740

The Belgian Coast (80x160)

The Belgian Coast (80×160)


Sea And Sun (80×80)


Seaside Cabins (160x80)

4 Seasons by the Sea (4x 40/50)


Reflection (3x 40×60)

Sails in Winter (60×90)


Soft Sea Colors (4x 50/50)


Pure Nature (80/80)


Winter is Over (3x60x60)


Love Sea Nature (3×60/90)