In these paintings, I mainly emphasize the playful use of many colours, representing the cheerfulness of life. For this I sometimes work very exuberantly, yet often finishing in a controlled way down to the last detail.

Colours of the Sea (I) (100x100)
I Love Colours (120x90)
Drip Paintings at Vandermeeren Veurne


Red & Black (25x30)
The Rough Sea (100x140)
Happy Choice (50x50)


Love for Colours (50x50x3stuks)


Happy Colours (80x120)


Sumer Vibes (120X160)

Cheerful (57x30)


Young Joy (30x30x5stuks)


The Colours of the Wild Sea (40x40)
Happy Colours (80x120)
The Coulours of The Sea (II) (22x16x2stuks)


Be Happy (80x160)


Colors of Nature (80X60)
Colors of Love (80X80)
Endless Energy (50X150)

Happy one (80×200)

Spring Green (60×60)


Cheerful Choice (3x60x50)

1 deel €995 – 2 delen €1970 – 3 delen €2940

Color Trio (2x100x45)


Joyful Wave (80×160)