Artwork designed by studioverduyn

I am a Belgian painter and artist based in Torhout, born in 1971. I combine my passion for arts with a job in education. After visiting several international art galleries, meeting very diverse artists and talking about unique works of art, I got stimulated into developing my very own style and skillset, enabling me to express my creativity and my knowledge

I mostly create art on demand, according to your desires and home interior, resulting in unique pieces of art tailored to complete your envisioned home/professional decor. In practice this includes incorporation of existing accent colours in the work and sizing the work to fit the available space. Complemented by my artistic advice, this yields works of art that are in total harmony with the style that is already present.

Aside from the on-demand art, a wide variety of works can be obtained at galleries or at my workshop.

My personal mission is to touch people’s hearts, moving individuals by the beauty, passion and imaginative essence of abstract art. The relation between artist and admirer is of a very complex nature. Through visual, non-verbal, communication an entire story is told, yet this story is perceived uniquely across all admirers. It is exactly this intriguing aspect of the storytelling that drives me to create abstract art, where the admirer is playing an active role in bringing the work to life through his/her personal imagination and background.

Buying a work of art is much more than purchasing a simple materialistic object. It is an entire collection of captured emotions and stories perceived differently by every individual, bringing a lively and dynamic aesthetic to any setting.

I’m looking forward to treat your decor as my artistic canvas and create a personalised piece of added value. For any questions and first proposals, head over to the contact page and get in touch. For some early inspiration, be sure to take a look at my collections.