In these paintings, I mainly emphasize the playful use of many colours, representing the cheerfulness of life. For this I sometimes work very exuberantly, yet often finishing in a controlled way down to the last detail.

Here I mainly use different relief styles and materials to obtain a free interpretation of earthly existence with the aim of representing it in all its diverse facets.

Originally, I painted the abstract silhouettes and backgrounds mainly in earthy colours and tones. However, nowadays the works are often very vibrant and colourful, representing the wealth of personalities of the many people around me. With this collection, I represent crowds of inspiring individuals, who face their future in their own respective realities.

In this collection, my love for landscapes and seascapes comes into play. I get inspired by observations on location, combined with personal and natural intuition. I portray the diverse facets of nature, sometimes very tranquil, yet magnificent spectacles at other times.