Originally, I painted the abstract silhouettes and backgrounds mainly in earthy colours and tones. However, nowadays the works are often very vibrant and colourful, representing the wealth of personalities of the many people around me. With this collection, I represent crowds of inspiring individuals, who face their future in their own respective realities.

Nice Group by the Sea (40x120)
Diversity (50x150)
Walk by the Sea (100x100)
Characteristics (70x180)
Cosy Friends (50x50)


People on the Move (50x150)
Teambuilding (40x160)
The Different (60x180)


Where to Go (50x50)
We Go Our Way (40x120)


Special People (40x50)
Cosy Together (100x120)
Nice People (40x180)
Long Way to Go (60x165)
Black & White (40x120)


Happy Friends (50×150)


Let’s Go Fort It (60×90)



Nice Walk (180/60)